Portraits are our specialty, but we do a lot more. We/ve actually pioneered a new literary genre, with our Photographic Novels. You’ve heard of Graphic Novels, I’m sure, the euphemism that rationalizes comic books. We’ve expanded that concept by using photographs instead of drawings. (We can’t draw.) There are now two (count ‘em, two) Yorkshire Strike Force photographic Novels out there.

And now for something completely different, as our Monty Python friends used to say. iPhone Apps. We envision several of these little things helping our viewers with iPhones in their daily tasks. The first one we’ve got for sale on Apple’s App Store is photo-related - a “dog attractor” for picture taking. Or maybe just the world’s most expensive dog toy. Our second application is a restaurant check-splitting app. We call it "The Diner's Calculator". It handles even and exact check splists, coupons, discounts - basically any situation you're likely to encounter when dining out. And now, a third one, that makes it easy put yourself into the picture.