Drewford and Jumpin' Jack Flash

Although most of our portraits have been of dogs, we also like taking pictures of other animals. Dog owners seem to call more frequently, though.

We can produce portraits in several styles - the one above was shot in our studio and the background/ foreground added in post processing. In all of our pictures, we try to capture the personality of the pet. We want you to look at the portrait and say, “Yep. That’s Muffy, all right.” (or something similar) I kind of favor close-ups. Not to the point of distortion - we’ve all seen those pictures where a dog’s nose takes up 3/4 of the picture, and the rest of his face is a distant image. That’s not my style. And the total candid shot that looks like it was a snapshot? We don’t do those, either. Not to say that some snapshots don’t work, but we want the pet to be the focus, we want his personality to show through. View our portfolio and you can get a feel for our styles.

Jack Russell