Dine, then Divide the check

easy as v2


Touch “New” if you’re starting a new check. Then enter tax and total from the check. The “?" button will provide some hints and tips if you forget what’s here. A button on the Hints page links to a support web site with more information about how to use the program, giving specific situations as examples.
Touch "Tip prefs" to specify that tips be calculate on the pre-tax check amount, or post-tax. This is apparently a pretty contentious issue for some people. You can also elect to calculate the tip after applying discounts and coupons, and make sure your server hates you.

The Waiter, author of the bestseller "Waiter Rant" and the popular blog waiterrant.net recommends settings for the before/after tax and before/after discounts and coupons settings. He's told me that waiters sometimes do unspeakable things to poor tippers. Be careful!


Name the people who will be splitting the check. Optionally, there are 4 built-in lists of groups of people (of size 2, 3, 5 and 10) you can select if you are typing-averse or if you’re splitting evenly and don’t care about names.
Use the left and right arrows at the bottom to page through the lists. If you have a group of people you frequently go out with, or want to prepare ahead for tonight’s dining, get a jump by setting up the list ahead of time and touching “Save list”. Then you can left/right arrow straight to it. (Once you start entering items from the check, you won’t be able to change the people paying.)


enter items v2
Enter line items from the check. To start, touch “Add Item”. You’ll get another screen where you can enter the amount of the item and assign it to one or more people. This screen shows a $25 item being entered and split between Karen, Jason, and Kevyn.
You can select whether the item is a normal item, a coupon, a discount or a gift certificate. A discount can be for the entire check, or for just certain items. A discount percentage is made when you enter the first discount item. An entire check discount would apply when the restaurant offers say, a 25% discount on the entire check.

If, for example, food items get a 15% discount, enter each food item as a discount item.

The “Edit” button on the "Items" screen lets you delete items; a cancel button on the "Line Item" screen lets you go back to the summary screen without entering an item.

To change an item you’ve already entered, to assign it to someone else, for example, or change the amount, just touch the item on the"Items" screen.


Assign a tip percent on this screen (the program remembers the percentage you used the last time, so you might not need to do this). You can then see “who owes what”. Flipping to whole $ rounds the amounts owed to maybe make it easier to leave cash.
Amounts less than $.50 round down, amounts greater round up. This can result in a total that is less than the total amount of the bill and tip. Rather than try and guess how you’d want to handle this. (Should Barry just leave $26 even though he was just a penny short of rounding up to $27? Does Karen plan on leaving her customary 2 quarters with her phone number for the cute waiter?) You get to figure this out and come with a way to cover the check. Change the tip percentage to 16%, for example and see what happens. Just don’t leave the waiter short.

Touch the little envelope button to send an email version of the check to people of your choice.

Coupons and Discounts

Here are some typical coupons from the coupon fliers. The first one offers $5 off a $40 or greater check. If your party runs up a $65 check, you can redeem this coupon. Simply add it as an item, and mark it as a "Coup" coupon. It should appear on your restaurant check as a $5 deduction. You should present this coupon before your waiter presents the bill, otherwise she'll have to go back and redo it.
This second coupon gives you 15% off the entire check. Although it's referred to as a "coupon", we really know it's a discount. Add this one as an item and touch "Disc" (short, of course, for discount.) When asked, touch the button to assign the discount to the entire check, and move the resultant slider to 15. Enter all the items from the check at their normal prices as normal items; the 15% will be subtracted from the check total. Again, the waiter would appreciate knowing about this coupon before presenting the check.

Express mode
If you just want to add a tip and split things evenly, or if you want to just figure a tip, it’s simple.
Press "New". Enter just the total. You can optionally enter the total on the "Split" screen.
Make sure the right number of people are listed (don’t care who they are) if you're splitting. If you're not, skip this screen.
Don’t go here.
Change the tip percentage if you need to. Otherwise, you’re done.

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