How’s it work?

Use the picker to select a sound, a countdown, and whether or not to use the camera.

Countdowns are only selectable in the non-camera mode. The countdown can be set to 0 (now) or up to 5 seconds from the trigger. If you select an amount greater than zero for a delay, the program ticks off a countdown by the second to prepare you for the action. You can listen to a sound by turning on “Sound preview” and then selecting the sound you’d like to hear.
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When things are set the way you want them, tap the “Ready” button, and you get the screen below. Tap anywhere to play (or to start the countdown, if you selected one.) When the sound starts, the little light under “Playing” turns green, and turns red again when the sound is over. This can be helpful if you selected a sound you can’t hear (like the 18MHz tone) - well, some people can hear. Try that one on a teenager.
If you want to change your settings, to make a different sound, for example, touch the screen and hold the touch until the picker screen appears again.

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When you select the camera, the countdowns don't appear. When you press “Ready” you’ll see the camera preview with a button - "Sound". Press that and the sound you've selected plays. Click the camera button to take a picture.

Even better, click the “Up value” button to take the picture. (But you knew that already, right?)