You owe... is the latest iPhone app from Furry Friend. It is (we believe) the best check splitting application out there. It's fast, smart (it remembers a lot), offers usable options, and is, truly, the diner's calculator. We've gained forty pounds and spent thousands of dollars in researching this app. As a result, since it's something we use all the time, we've honed it to a fine edge.

It helps you enter data whenever possible - it remembers the names of diners (when you’ve saved them) so you can select them with the touch of a button rather than re-entering names, it remembers your tip percentage and before/after tax preference. It helps you enter amounts from the check, so that items ending in .25, .50 (and other common amounts) can be entered with a single touch. All of this so you don’t spend a whole lot of time with the green eye shade and miss the party.
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The feature list includes:
  • rapid data entry
  • quick tip calculation
  • calculates tip before or after tax
  • emails results
  • splits checks evenly
  • splits checks exactly (separate checks)
  • built-in help
  • online help
  • set up lists of diners
  • select a list of diners from available lists
  • handles discounts on restaurant items
  • handles discounts on entire check
  • handles coupons
  • handles gift certificates
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IMG_0036screen shotsIMG_0037

Follow a typical check, split evenly among 3 diners. Enter the check total and (optionally) the tax.
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Identify the people, or in this case, the number of people (3) splitting the check.
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Back at the main screen, there’s your answer. Tip and all, $20.26 apiece.
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And if you want detail, here it is.

Next, a separate check situation with a coupon.